Terms of Use

Cancellation and Rescheduling

We are very appreciative of your business and understand that occasionally you may need to alter your plans. Please provide us with as much notice as possible of any cancellations or schedule adjustments that you require to allow us to release your reservation for another guest. 

If you need to cancel your reservation you may do so up to 72 hours in advance with no additional penalty. You will be charged 50% of the total cost of your booking if cancellation is received less than 48 hours, but more than 24 hours in advance. Cancellations with less than 24 hours notice will be charged the full amount. Flights rescheduled with less than 48 hours notice become non-refundable.

General Information

Weight and Balance

Depending on the flight, weight limitations may apply. You will be asked to provide the names and weights of all guests at the time of booking, or prior to the flight so that the weight and balance can be calculated for the aircraft per FAA regulations. Scales are available at our facility and it may be necessary to weigh each passenger in order to properly load the helicopter for your flight.


Children under the age of 2 fly free with a parent or guardian if held on that person’s lap. Children over the age of 2 must be seated in their own seat with a seat belt fastened, this is an FAA regulation and the requirement cannot be waived.

Cancellation or Alteration of Flights

 We reserve the right to cancel or alter any flight for any reason if the pilot in command of that flight deems it necessary. Potential factors that may necessitate these actions can include, but are not limited to, adverse weather conditions, FAA imposed flight restrictions, distractions within the aircraft, and or any impediment to the navigation or safety of the flight for any reason.

Billing and Refunds

Your credit card will be billed at the time the reservation is made unless other arrangements have been agreed to. Refunds will be promptly credited back to the same card. Full refunds will be issued for reservations cancelled with at least 48 hours notice, and for flights cancelled prior to takeoff due to weather, FAA imposed flight restrictions, aircraft maintenance, or company needs. Partial refunds equal to 50% of the total amount will be issued for reservations cancelled less than 48 hours, but more than 24 hours prior to the time of the reservation. Refunds will not be issued for reservations cancelled with less than 24 hours notice, or for flights that may require alteration of routing as deemed necessary by the pilot in command. The pilot in command will have the authority to amend the flight itinerary as necessary to provide a safe flight.

Charter Flights

Arrival/Departure Times

We encourage our charter guests to arrive 30 minutes prior to the scheduled departure time to allow for weighing and loading of baggage and passengers.  Please bear this in mind when scheduling your time of departure.

  • We include a 15 minute grace period after the scheduled departure time at no charge.
  • Late arrivals which cause the flight to depart after the 15 minute grace period will incur standby time at a rate of $550 per hour, with a one hour minimum, to be billed prior to departure.
  • We do not hold the aircraft for longer than 1 hour past the scheduled time of departure unless specific arrangements for additional standby time are made.
  • These arrangements must be acknowledged either in writing or electronically (text or email), by both parties in order to hold an aircraft beyond the 1 hour limit.
  • Additional standby time may or may not be available depending on aircraft and pilot scheduling.
  • In the absence of such an agreement, the aircraft will depart promptly at 1 hour after scheduled departure.

We will make every effort to contact guests who are late in arriving for their flights, but we cannot hold an aircraft and pilot indefinitely.  No refunds will be issued for late arrivals, or no-shows.

Standby Time – Standby time available at the rate of $550 per hour, or portion thereof for up to 2 hours (please contact us for details on extended standby rates).

Overnight Fees – Between the hours of 8pm and 8am an overnight fee of $1000 will be applied.

Cancellation Policy – We require at least 48 hours notice for cancellations. A charge of 50% of the total fare will be charged for cancellations less than 48 hours in advance.  No shows or missed flights are a full 100% forfeiture.

Weight Limits –Weight limitations may apply based on required fuel load, you will be informed at the time of booking if this applies to your flight.

Security Check– South Bay Helicopters reserves the right to conduct, and will conduct, a security check, including a search of all persons and baggage prior to any flight.

Carriage of Marijuana and or Narcotics – We do not allow any controlled substances to be carried on board our aircraft. This includes medical marijuana, even if a prescription is presented.

Carriage of Firearms – No firearms of any kind are allowed on our aircraft. Exceptions are made only for Federal, State, or Municipal agents who are properly authorized to carry weapons and notify the company. 

Medical Oxygen – We are not authorized to allow medical oxygen on board our aircraft.

Hazardous Materials – We are not authorized to allow any hazardous materials on board our aircraft. If you are unsure if an item that you intend to travel with falls under this classification please ask in advance.

Binding Agreement

By using this website and/or the services of South Bay Helicopter, Inc., you agree that you have read and understood, and abde by all the terms stated herein.